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HYD2 Ep 9 Summary

I am so DOWN all throughout this ep...and the stupid previews are NOT helping. We are going to have the amnesia story line...at the second to last ep!!! WTH?! It hurts...seeing Domyouji saying "Who the heck are you?" to Makino. He got amnesia due to an accident at the seaside...trying to save Susumu, I think. It is NOT a tree trunk like the spoilers have said before.

Now I am getting real worried...with Matsujun saying how everyone is thinking the HYD2 ending is going to be a happy one...and one of the pics posted above (magazine) saying "HYD2 ending is not a happy ending???!!!"

Huh? I truly don't know anymore...where this journey will take us.

Okay, I am done.

EP 9 Spoilers

- Domyouji saw his mother…he asked her if she was going back to NY, since she was at the airport. She asked him to come to the office next morning…but he said if anything needed to be said, say it now. Makino also gathered enough courage, and asked if she could come too, because she wanted to clearly talk everything out. However, the meanie witch demanded again, that Domyouji should come the next day

- F4 had an impromptu meeting at the cafeteria…with Domyouji breaking the news of his meanie mother found out about him and Makino. F3 were very concerned of what would happen now…what the evil witch had planned for them. Although Domyouji knew the situation wasn’t good, he was up in cloud 9 because Makino had held his hand for that 5 seconds or so! Such a cute scene since Domyouji was trying to act like he didn’t care for it…and Akira made fun of him, saying how he was worked up for just a little hand-holding!

- Next morning, Domyouji went the office, asking the witch to stop invading his business, especially since the deal with Okawara group was okay…so she should just go back to NY. The witch laughed, and said she won’t let go of this easily. She asked him if he was serious, about Makino. He said he couldn’t think of any other woman…nobody but Makino for him. Domyouji was pissed off, declaring he would make a new Domyouji group, with Makino by his side. That he would take up the responsibility of the welfare of all his workers. The witch was furious, breaking her glasses while Domyouji walked out. Nishida came in, he said something, I am not too sure. But I think he said something about letting Domyouji go…do whatever he likes. Yet the witch refused, and said she would continue her plans.

- During this meeting, Makino was working at the dango shop…worried about the progress of the talk, and worried about Domyouji. She asked her boss if she made the right decision, and the boss quickly assured her that as long as she was with the one she loved, nothing else mattered!

- Makino was walking along the street, when suddenly, Domyouji’s car pulled up in front of her. She was happy and surprised to see him…quickly asked him how did it go. He said he didn’t know…but he didn’t care anymore. Because he knew what he wanted, and nothing would stop him. The most important thing to him now was Makino…he wanted to treasure the time of them together. Anyway, they were at this crosswalk, and the signal turned green. Domyouji was so happy, and said let’s go, and ran freely forward. Makino laughed, and asked him to wait up…my goodness, haven’t seen these two so happy..glowing with joy before. sigh

- They were having lunch. And Makino was enjoying her food so much…Domyouji said he had never seen a person loving food so much. Makino commented that of course, with a dining table so long…how could he see others’ expression. Besides, he took such delicious, luxurious food for granted. Makino said the best way to eat was in a small, cozy table, having hot pot (nabe) together. She then said that she would make nabe for him one day…and Domyouji said, no thanks. Makino was taken aback…but he quickly smiled, and said he was joking. He said he looked forward to her invitation…Makino smiled shyly, and said she would invite him for sure.

- Domyouji’s credit cards were not working, and he got so angry at the waiter. Before it go worse, Makino said she would pay with cash. Domyouji was so embarrassed that Makino had to pay…he felt so bad. Makino laughed it off, and said it was true that rich people didn’t have any cash on them. Domyouji wondered what they should do now…since he had no money. She laughed, and said that even without money, they could have tons of fun. She said she would let him experience a date of the “commoners”.

- This time, they were back at the crosswalk, and the signal turned green again. It was Makino’s turn to walk across first, with Domyouji chasing her. They went to the pet shop…and Makino was holding this cutest puppy, chasing Domyouji around…until he couldn’t run anymore. She pushed the puppy into his hands…and OMG…so cute…Domyouji was freaked out…and absolutely froze when the puppy started to lick him. Awww…he was like begging Makino to take it away from him! But this happiness won’t last…because as they were walking along that crosswalk, again, they saw Nishida smiling at them. They both knew it wasn’t good news.

- Domyouji found out that Nishida got fired, and they had this talk at a park (the same park where he waited for Susumu). Nishida told Domyouji not to worry, for he won’t do the same thing as Ken did. Then Domyouji asked Nishida what he should do…and Nishida told him to have confidence in himself. Nishida said that right now, Domyouji group had many obstacles. However, once Domyouji could overcome them, it would be fine. And in order to overcome them, he needed to be confident…and being with Makino, would bring him the strength he needed.

- Makino said it was all her fault…for being with Domyouji…she also told Domyouji that it was Nishida who told her about what happened back in NY. That Nishida asked her to forgive Domyouji… Domyouji and Makino were both speechless, and lost in their own thoughts. He went back home to find the evil witch in his room…he was angry, asking her what was she trying to do, firing Nishida, etc. The evil witch said it was Domyouji’s last chance…because the deal with the Okawara was called off…because somehow, Shigeru’s father found out about Makino?!

- Makino was working at the dango shop, and suddenly, Soujiro and Akira appeared. Yuki was envious of Akira, because he got to sit on the back seat of Soujiro’s bike. Lmao! Anyway, Akira quickly came in, and said there were bad news.

- The four of them at the car café. Soujiro broke the news that Domyouji had been disowned, and that the deal was called off, thus Domyouji group was in major trouble right now. Since Domyouji was cut off by his evil mother, he was staying at Rui’s. Makino was devastated upon hearing this…and excused herself, saying she needed time alone, to think. Yuki kind of blamed Soujiro, for saying all this to Makino. But Soujiro said it was no use to keep it away from her. It was the truth, the horrible reality…

- Meanwhile, Domyouji was at Rui’s place…he said he really didn’t want to bother Rui with this…that Rui was the last one he would consider to turn to for help. He always felt like he had to be superior to Rui, yet now, with the state he was in, he was anything but. Rui chuckled, and said something I couldn’t catch…but I think Rui was trying to say that they were friends from childhood…friendships shouldn’t be viewed like that (?). Then one of the servants came in, handing the newspaper to Rui…Rui read it…and it was the breaking news of Domyouji group in danger, and would be laying off many people. Domyouji was speechless.

- Makino was staying over at Yuki’s place…Yuki’s parents were so nice, so welcoming, telling Makino not to worry about anything, that she could stay there as long as she would like. But later, maybe another night, Makino and Yuki overheard their conversations…that there was problem with Yuki’s father worked, related to Domyouji group…so he might get laid off, etc. Yuki quickly shut the door, and asked Makino not to worry about it. Makino was wavering…but Yuki refused to let her feel guilty over her decision of being with Domyouji.

- Oh yeah, one important scene I forgot to mention, Makino finally admitted that she was the girlfriend of Domyoji in front of those annoying three meanie girls at school. I thought it was a significant scene…since she was always refused to acknowledge her relationship with Domyouji…though it was too bad…when she finally came to terms with it, she was forced to end it.

- Domyouji had his nightmare of Ken again, and woke up in sweat, on Rui’s bed. Rui was fixing his violin, and asked Domyouji if he was okay. The next morning, Domyouji told Rui he won’t worry anymore…he had made up his mind, that he would be with Makino no matter what happened. That he wanted to be by her side…and he might as well be a commoner now…and would have hot pot everyday, having a life everyone would be envy of. Rui agreed, and told him to go to Makino now. Before Domyouji left, he thanked Rui again for taking him in for the past few days.

- At the same time, Makino was outside of the Domyouji group…and finally, made up her mind and walked in. The meanie witch asked her what did she want…and Makino asked her if she promise to never see Domyouji again, would the meanie mom not disown Domyouji, and try to think of something to save the group instead of laying thousands of workers off. But mainly, she was worried for Domyouji’s sake, because she asked the witch, “Please don’t disown Domyouji, please.” The witch was like, “Ahh…so you have finally come to terms, and know your place. Even without you saying this, I am trying to save the group. But yes, don’t ever show your face ever again in front of us…leave now.”

- Domyouji went to the dango shop to look for Makino…Yuki was surprised that he didn’t know Makino went back to his home. He was like, “What? My home?” He quickly left and tried to phone Makino, however, no answer. He then looked up to the sky…which was ominously purple-ish with dark clouds. Domyouji looked worry..as if he was sensing something bad was happening. Then the rain began to fall…

- Makino went back to the Domyouji’s house to pack up…and when she finished, she walked out in the pouring rain…but before she walked on, she looked back at the house once more time…as if she was savoring all her sweet memories with Domyouji one last time.

- She began walking again…rain falling hard…and cold. Suddenly, Domyouji was there, walking towards her…his hair and red coat were all drenched. He looked up, and saw her…a warmth came over him…he quickly ran up to her, asking her what she was doing. He then made a joke about himself…being a commoner, with no money to get a taxi. Also, it was raining so hard that his hair became straight, then he laughed again, saying he looked quite good, right?! But Makino didn’t answer him, instead, she said, “Let’s finished it…shall we?” (Let’s break up, shall we?) He was beyond shocked upon hearing that…and quickly said she was joking. Makino denied it, and said she wasn’t. She made up her mind, and she won’t go out with him anymore. Domyouji was furious…asking her what happened, that they didn’t even have hot pot together yet, nor play badminton at the park…so why was she breaking up with him?! Was she lying at that time? Why did she make all the decisions by herself?!

- Makino then told him that she made a promise to his evil mother, that she won’t see him anymore. He got angry, and was going to walk off, to talk with his mother. However, she stopped him, saying once again how she made up her mind already. Also, he was the leader of the Domyouji group…that he should work hard now, to work hard for the welfare of his staff. That there was no point of them being together…since nothing good could come out of it…all they do was hurting/harming people around them.

- Makino then started to walk away…when Domyouji shouted her name. “Makino…have you ever, even once, see me as just a man? Not my home, not my mother, not anything else, but just me, as a man?”

- Makino, tears in her eyes, said, ”Umm…not too sure. How should I put it? If I truly do like you, I won’t do this, won’t I? …So yeah, bye.” Then she walked off…she didn’t know whether it was tears or the rain…when she came upon Tama. Tama was crying herself…having heard the whole conversation…she asked Makino why she lied to Domyouji. Why must she do this? Hurting herself and Domyouji like that…stupid stupid. Makino couldn’t answer her…but kept on crying…she tried her best to smile and quickly walked away…with Tama looking on sadly.

- Domyouji was called by F3 to meet at the Ebisu Garden (the place where he had his first date with Makino). He was sitting at that rock again…but he looked so lifeless, cold, filled with rage. The F3 were concerned about him…but Domyouji lashed out at them, asking them what the heck were they doing, calling him out at this hour?! Soujiro was pissed off by Domyouji’s attitude…and said they were worried about Makino and him. That it was because his rotten attitude, Makino dumped him…(?) Domyouji snapped upon hearing that, and punched Soujiro. Soujiro quickly fought back…while Akira tried his hardest to stop this fight…while Rui looked on.

- Makino went to the village and found her parents and Susumu drying seaweeds. They asked her why she was back…and she explained that she wanted to live with them…but her mother seemed to sense something was wrong. Later that night, Makino went by the seaside, and cried her heart out while thinking of the happy so-called date with Domyouji. She couldn’t stop crying…

- Domyouji was walking aimlessly on the street…after the fight with Soujiro. He was at the crosswalk again…this time, the light was red…and flashback to the date with Makino. Then suddenly, his vision became clear again…and he saw a guy on the other side of the crosswalk. It was Ken…the lights turn green, and Ken ran away…with Domyouji chasing him…

Ep 10 preview
- Domyouji in hospital, saying to Makino, “Who the heck are you woman?”
- Makino trying to get a job in the countryside
- Domyouji at the village…fell off the cliff, trying to save someone (Susumu, I think)
- Domyouji unconscious
- Makino’s Saturn necklace was dropped…

HYD2 - Ep 8 so-called summary

Sorry...I am down with the flu...so my summary tonight will be bad...because I won't pay attention to my choice of vocabs & grammar...please forgive me. Moreover, I am SO PISSED OFF at the end ...can't say I enjoy this ep too much...because we had like 3 so-called scenes of Makino & Domyoji together...and each of them lasted like...umm...maybe 2 or 3 minutes...max 5. But I doubt it.

Please refresh from time to time...I am still writing this...

Ep 8 Spoilers

- shigeru took off her clothes in front of Tsukasa…tried to get him to look…asking him if he feels anything looking at her…and he said nothing…put back on the clothes, for you might catch a cold.

- anyway, everytime Tsukasa tries to tell Shigeru, she refused to listen…and finally, she couldn’t pretend anymore, and told him stop apologizing…that he promised to try his best to love her…and yet, he didn’t even begin to work hard yet…so don’t tell her it’s over

- Tsukasa told her then right out that the girl he likes is Makino…that his girl of fate is Makino. He did in fact try to give her up, but realized it’s a lost cause.

- Shigeru told Tsukasa that Makino had congratulated them…that she approved of their dating/engagement…he said Makino is in pain too…BUT everything is his fault, not Makino. It was his fault of prolonging this problem, that he didn’t end it sooner. So everything is his fault…blame him.

- before this talk, Shigeru was very worked-up, she was so angry that she took one of the chairs, and tried to hit Tsukasa with it…anyway, loud crash suddenly, and Makino heard it, so she decided to check what’s wrong…and when she walked in, the sight of Shigeru on top of Tsukasa…on the bed…so she got the wrong impression, and quickly back out of the room

- Tsukasa was not aware of this, however, Shigeru was. But anyway, he told Shigeru to hit him as many time as she wanted…just to get it out of her system…Shigeru started to cry…and hit him on the chest, saying he was cruel, how she did like him…how much she liked him…etc

- Makino didn’t sleep the whole night, with that scene running over and over her head…

- At the school cafeteria, Tsukasa broke the news to Soujiro and Akira…both of them warned him of his mother, because now that the wedding is off, the collaboration of Domyoji group & Okahara group will be off…moreover, what about Rui. Tsukasa said that he trusts Rui to understand…to understand his (D) love for Makino…

- Makino met up with Rui at a park…and before she could say anything, Rui cut her off by saying he won’t give her up…no matter what she says…it won’t change his mind. Rui also said that he always stay quiet in the past, and never took action, thus resulting in many regrets. He refused to live his life in regrets, therefore, this time, for once, he won’t give Makino up

- Makino finally shouted out her answer…despite Rui constantly interrupting her…she said she couldn’t answer (return) his feelings. That she has no answer for his feelings…she won’t like him that way. Rui then asked if she will go back to Tsukasa…because if she does, it will be painful. That she cried so many tears for Tsukasa…so Rui believes that he will be the only one who can make her happy. Makino said that maybe true, that it will be painful, but no matter what, she realizes she loves Tsukasa only…and this part I am not too sure, but I think Makino said that loving Tsukasa is just her…her way, her way of being herself. (Sorry…I am so lost tonight…must be the drowsy cold medicine.)

- Rui still refuse to back down, even after such a confession from Makino. At this part, I was so angry with him…that he reminds me exactly of Shigeru. Grrr….but don’t worry, Rui redeems himself later.

- Anyway, Makino was scolded by Tama for returning home late…at the same time, Tsukasa went to Rui’s house. It was a great way of filming this scene…because they combine Tsukasa visiting Rui, and Shigeru visiting Makino in her room. Bravo for the PD.

- Well, first thing first…Tsukasa vs. Rui. Tsukasa started by saying that he knew Rui met with Makino today. Rui admitted that, and said that he won’t give up on Makino, no matter what. Tsukasa was furious upon hearing that, and walked up to Rui. It seemed like he was going to bit Rui up or something, but then suddenly, he got down on his knees…and his head almost touching the ground (his way of being on his knees, with head hung low is the MOST sincere way) begging Rui to give Makino up. Rui was absolutely shocked, taken aback by Tsukasa doing that. But Tsukasa was desperate…he was shaking almost…while saying that Makino is the girl of his fate, that although he had done hurtful things to her, and that he had said he won’t care about her anymore in front of Rui a while ago…however, he realized he couldn’t let Makino go…so please Rui, please give her up. (By doing this, it also shows how much his friendship with Rui meant to Tsukasa.) Rui was so speechless.

- Ok, back to Makino vs. Shigeru. Basically, Shigeru was lying flat out…(sorry, I couldn’t catch what she was saying)…but it’s somewhere along the lines of something happened…that now Tsukasa is changing his mind, that he wants to marry her again…before Makino can say anything, Shigeru snapped back saying that Makino must be real happy for them…then Shigeru said she won’t bother her while she was working…so she left Makino’s room

- Back to Rui. The next scene after the infamous Tsukasa-getting-on-his-knees scene…Rui was back at the school cafeteria…telling the other F2 about what happened. Both Soujiro and Akira were beyond shocked…Rui reassured them, yes, Tsukasa, who thinks of himself as the “king/god”, who views his pride as the most important thing…got down on his knees. Akira said he never even saw Tsukasa apologizing…so imagine him on his knees, begging…just unbelievable. Rui said he now knows how much Tsukasa loves Makino… Anyway, Rui stood up and left…F2 asked him where he was going…and he said he was going to meet Makino. F2 were like, huh? Rui said he would tell her to “Ganbatte”, to work hard, to not give up on her relationship with Tsukasa.

- Re: Shigeru's speech (since that summary doesn't include that)...she suddenly said she doesn't want to go through with this marriage...that she doesn't like Tsukasa. That she thinks that marriage is not about business...that she wants to be with someone she truly loves. But she plead her father, that although their wedding would not happen, please collaborate with Domyouji group anyway. So she proposed a toast, to celebrate the collaboration. Tsukasa was shocked, which is an understatement...but Shigeru shrugged it off, saying it's the least she could do...for coming between him and Makino so many times. She also asked Tsukasa to make Makino happy...to give her happiness.

Okay, I was going to continue with this bad summary...however, I saw a nice fan posted a way better summary of Ep 8...so read hers instead...don't wanna torture you with my gross out writing tonight.

Regarding the last scene of Ep 8, I was almost up on cloud nine when Makino took Tsukasa's hand...I was screaming in joy. But unfortunately...and I really should have known better...it lasted for what, like 5 seconds...then she shook off his hands. 5 seconds max...I swear. OMG...

Ep 9:
But yeah, we will have the rain scene/breakup next ep. Then we have Tsukasa hitting Soujiro. Really...I am so through with this sadness...I don't see any light...and I am so tired of all this angst...I want happy moments...I want actual scenes of Makino & Tsukasa together. I promise I will do better next ep...sorry people.
New pics of the sweetest couple!!!

MatsuJun & Mao-chan

My thoughts on Boku Imo (post @ soompi)

I went to watch the movie today...so here's some after-thoughts, and some spoilers. Therefore, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. I am not masking them because they are more like my feelings on the movie.

Okay...it was a good movie (2 hours long), I guess. BUT it was also disappointing at the same time.
It was nice because it was beautifully filmed...the music was fitting too, serene but sad. The acting was good, especially Matsu Jun...but then, I could be biased!

Now, it was disappointing because it didn't follow the comic...especially towards the end, which was something I REALLY wanted to be acted out. The parents (we never even saw the father in the movie) never found out...well, the mother was kind of suspicious...yet there was NO confrontation. Moreover, there was no "10 years after" in the library. It ended in the way that gave you the impression that Yori and Iku won't be together. That they both knew it was wrong to continue this relationship. So while they still love each other...they couldn't. And really, it ended so sudden, that most of the audience, including myself, blurted out, "Eh???? (That's it???)" I guess most of the audience read the comic, and knew the ending, and expected that to happen in the movie. But nope, never did.

Although I understand that this is a movie, and that they don't want to send out a "wrong" message...I was quite pissed that I didn't get to see the comic ending! Grrrr.... I was looking forward to it ever since I knew this movie was filmed.

Though I am glad they didn't do the explicit scenes, thank goodness! Just once. Since I didn't read the whole comic, I can't be too sure. I thought Iku and Yori consummate their relationship at a love hotel. But in the movie, they did it in their house, in Iku's bed, right after Yori asked Iku to choose between him and other boys. That if she chose him, she should kiss him. So she did...and then...well...they became, ahem, one. Of course, in the movie, they just shared a few kisses...slowly lower down to the bed. Then the next scene, they were "naked" under covers, with Yori apologizing to the asleep Iku...saying how sorry he was for falling in love with her.

I was also relieved that in the movie, Yori didn't do it with Tomoka. They did go to a love hotel, and we see Yori pulling her shirt up, revealing her bra. Yori told her that he would stop if she asked. Tomoka replied that it was Yori who wanted to stop, who couldn't do it. Then Yori put his hand over her mouth...and after a bit, he rolled over...defeated. I assume they didn't do it. This part, I was fiercely glad they didn't go according to the comic.

So that was it...it ended with the back shot of Yori and Iku, hand in hand, walking in the green field, returning to their home. Then rolled the credits...with Crystal Kay's hauntingly beautiful "Kitto Eien Ni"....while leaving most of us in shock that it just ended like that. No happily ever after! LOL hence, I enjoyed it, but not really.

Jan 20 2007, 11:32 PM


HYD2 Ep 6 Summary (post @ soompi)

Another WOW episode! I was in tears near the end...but thank goodness, the script writers decided to let us have some fun in the VERY end!


- Nishida told Makino what happened in NY...this part I am not too sure...but I think Tsukasa made a joke at a party (?) and that joke pissed some big dude off, thus that big dude decided to ruin Domyoji's company (?).

- one of the workers that Tsukasa grew close to, got fired due to this incident. Thus he became poor and couldn't support his family. So he jumped off the building...and Tsukasa watched him die...he did try to stop this worker, however stopped by two body guards.

- so after that, Tsukasa changed...thinking he needed to made up for all the loss he caused, that he must bring Domyoji's group to the top again...thus he needed to be the top...he needed to be a leader. So with that mindset, Tsukasa thought there was no room for his own happiness, and decided to give Makino up.

- Makino believed Nishida, but questioned why he was telling her this. Weren't they (him and the meanie mother) against Tsukasa going out with her? Why was he asking her to be with Tsukasa again? Nishida replied saying he must return to NY tomorrow...he said it was up to her what to do with Tsukasa. However, Nishida said that Tsukasa could only be strong with Makino by his side...and if Tsukasa was going to lead Domyoji's group...he would need Makino.

- Rui was waiting for Makino when she came back from the meeting with Nishida...he saw her following Nishida to the car. He hugged her from behind...telling her not to be unhappy...that he was here for her. He tried to kiss her...grrr...but thank goodness, Makino backed away. Rui was disappointed by her action...but really, what the heck did he expect??? Sorry, as you can see, I am all for Tsukasa!

- Anyway, Makino's parents went back to that countryside place...they were acting kind of weird. After that, Tsukasa showed up at their place...holding on to a pepper shaker (I think)...asking Makino to lend him some suger (I think) LMAO Susumu was real smart...quickly knew that Tsukasa wanted to spend some time alone with his sister. He asked Tsukasa to lend him his room so he could study. Tsukasa was a bit shocked at first, but finally realized Susumu was trying to help him! SO cute!

- Makino was cooking nikujaga (meat with potatoes, carrots, etc)...she was peeling the potatoes as Tsukasa staring at her. At first, when she looked back, he was sitting on the tatami, eyes not leaving her. The second time she turned around, he was right behind her. He hugged her from behind...and said that he meant what he said last night. That he wanted to once more, renew his feelings...really want to start again with Makino. Makino said stop...and he was like huh? Makino was like, where are you touching me? And Tsukasa was touching her breast....anyway, Makino flung him off and overthrew him...crashing on the floor...but given the old building...the floor gave beneath them...and crashed below to the bottom floor.

- Oh yeah, during Makino's meeting with Nishida, Tsukasa phoned Tsubaki asking her for help. Telling her that he needed her "strength".

- Tsubaki ne-chan came to look for Makino at the sweet shop. At the same time, Sara was there, and realized Makino's relationship with F4...she was shocked...

- Next scene, we saw Tsubaki coming home, with a big box, and some luggages. Tsukasa was shocked, but happy that she came back so soon. She said of course, she was there to help them both! She had a present for him. Then she opened the box, and out came Makino. Imagine Tsukasa's surprise!!! Makino, a bit embarrassed, asked if it was truly ok she stayed in their house. And Tsubaki was like, "Of course! Tsukasa phoned me and asked me for help...that he wanted to cancel the wedding plans with Shigeru, and once again, be with Makino!" Tsukasa was so embarrassed, "Ne-chan, don't say that in front of Makino!" And Tsubaki was like, "What? Isn't that the truth?!" Tsukasa muttered yes.

- So from that moment, Makino was living at their house in secret...in one of the storage rooms. Tsubaki ne-chan told her what happened to her in the past...how she was forced to break up with her first boyfriend...her first boyfriend was a son of a normal salaryman. But the meanie mother wanted her to marry a hotel heir. Basically, the meanie mother did the same thing...threatening to cut off financial/job-related things of her first bf's father. So of course, the bf broke it off with Tsubaki. Therefore, Tsubaki refused the same thing done to Tsukasa...especially knowing the girl Tsukasa loved so much was Makino. Tsubaki said she couldn't force how Makino feel towards Tsukasa...but she wanted her to truly think about it.

- Tsubaki went back to tell Tsukasa she did all she could...that now it was up to him. Moreover, she told him he must cut off everything with Shigeru...don't delay any longer. This love (with Makino) should be treated with all his strength (his power to live). Sorry bad translation.

- Tsukasa did try to break it off with Shigeru, however, she refused to listen. She said she won't break up with him, that if he asked that of her, she would die. Umm...really girl...smell the coffee beans here....it was obvious she knew what was happening...why hold on to a guy like this??? She deserved much better!

- Makino at school again...no money for buying lunch. And she couldn't make her own either, since she was living in secret at Tsukasa's house. Suddenly, Soujiro and Akira called from the floor above, and said they would treat her lunch. They asked her where she was staying now...and she got all nervous...and said she was staying at a friend's house. Then suddenly, Tsukasa came...shocked at seeing Makino there. Then he tried to act...and said, "My oh my, Makino, you are here! Long time no see!" Hilarious scene! The guys quickly sensed something was up...and demanded an explaination! But before it could go any further, Makino remembered it was the day that the result of the test would come out. So she quickly rushed off!

- Tsukasa confessed to the two that Makino was staying in his place. Rui arrived a bit later...and Tsukasa asked to talk with him privately again...Akira was scared that they would fight again, and tried to calm them down. However, Soujiro asked Akira to leave with him...it was something that needed to be solve between Rui and Tsukasa...and only the two of them could work it out. There was nothing Soujiro and Akira could do, so they left.

- *sigh* Tsukasa was still so childish sometimes, trying to claim Makino as his...by telling Rui that Makino was living at his house. That Tsukasa wanted to be with Makino again.... Rui asked him, if that was his way of telling Rui to back off, to let Tsukasa be with Makino again. Tsukasa admitted it. However, Rui didn't comply...and just replied, "This is not something I can decide. Nor Tsukasa. Valentine is coming soon. I wonder who Makino will give the chocolate to."

- Makino passed the test, and got accepted into Eitoku University. Shigeru came to find her...and asked her if she could say nothing was between her and Tsukasa. Then Shigeru reminded Makino that Makino congratulated them, when Shigeru said she was dating Tsukasa. So Shigeru said, "I can trust you right Makino? I can trust you that nothing is happening between you and Tsukasa." Tears filled Makino's eyes.

- Yuki phoned Makino...asking her whether she had decided who to give the choco to on Valentine's day...telling her to go ahead, not to suppress her feelings anymore. Anyway, Soujiro and Akira suddenly showed up at the tea ceremony club...Sara saw them...and quickly hide. Soujiro was going to give a tea ceremony demonstration, however, saw the tea cup...the one he saw in the display window. Yuki told him he couldn't use that cup, it belonged to Sara san. Soujiro was shocked upon hearing the name...he said, "Sara...you don't mean Hinada Sara (? spelling not sure)." Yuki said yes, that was her...was she his friend. He quickly said no, got up, and left.

- Rui and Tsukasa had a meeting...asking whether Makino had make a date with either of them on Valentine's Day. Rui replied no...she didn't call once. Tsukasa replied something, but I couldn't make it out...but maybe he said he would meet her that day?

- Valentine's Day arrived. Tsukasa was waiting on the bridge...happily waiting for Makino. At the same time, Rui was in his room, playing is violin. Suddenly, the string broke...and this was ususally seen as bad luck. Anyway, Makino arrived at the bridge...and Tsukasa was SO HAPPY to see her...then he quickly asked her, "Don't you have something to give me? Come on, let me have it now."

- Makino took out a box, a red box, the box which held the saturn necklace. Tsukasa was beyond shocked seeing that, not the chocolate he expected. He said, "What? Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?" Makino said no, it wasn't. It took her a long time to come to this decision, that they must make a clean break. That they couldn't be together. No matter how much they wanted to be together, they won't get any blessings. So if that was the case, why continue?

- Then Tsuksa, (looked totally lifeless suddenly...no more emotion on his face)...threw the box over the bridge...the box dropping to the running river. Makino, equally shocked now, I guess she didn't expect him to do that. Then Tsukasa's anger exploded...he screamed, "Is that all I mean to you? HUH? To me, Makino is the only one. Makino is the only girl for me, anyone else is impossible! And now you are telling me this?" This is the part I broke down in Then he gave another heart-breaking scream...and walked away.

- Makino, tears in her eyes, watched him as he walked off...and then back to the red box in the river. For now, it was blocked by a rock from further flowing off. Suddenly, all the memories surrounding the necklace came flooding back to her. How he put the necklace around her neck...how he warned her to never lose it, how this was Tsukasa's first present to a girl, etc.

- The flowing water was too strong...the box began to move forward...flowing and flowing, farther and farther away. Suddenly, Makino snapped back to reality, and chased after the box. She ran down...and finally went into the water...(I was screaming at her, at the tv screen...telling her to run faster and faster...don't lose the necklace!) With all her might, she finally was able to grab the box, falling into the cold river...then held the box close to her heart...as she began to cry. As this happened, Tama (the maid) was watching. She smiled to herself...and walked away.

- Tsukasa went home...saw a box of choco on his table. He read the card...it was from Shigeru. He smiled this smile of irony...the choco he wanted to get so badly...he didn't get it, and the choco he didn't want, he got it. *sigh* He looked at the box the whole night...didn't sleep.

- Suddenly, a maid walked in...we couldn't see her face. She was picking up his jacket and scarf, commenting, "You didn't sleep last night..." Tsukasa was like, "None of your business." Then the maid made some other comment, and finally, "What would you like for breakfast?" Then Tsukasa looked up...and got the shock of his life, TA-DA, it was Makino, in maid uniform!

- Tsukasa was like, "What the heck are you doing here...dress like that?" Makino said, "I am working. I need this job. I need this as a reason, for staying here...in your house. I need a reason to stay here, to stay by your side, to fight this fight together, with you...." (somewhere along this line...not good at translating...but basically, she was telling him that she would be with him again [?])

Previews for Ep 7
- Yuki collapsed...Tsukasa & Makino found her.
- Soujiro and Sara both crying...
- Tsukasa & Makino...he is hugging her from behind again...I think they were looking at the stars through the telescope.

HYD2 Ep 5 Summary (post @ soompi)

OMG OMG OMG OMG the preview for Ep 6 is a KILLER!!!!

But first, what happened in Ep 5...SPOILERS...DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO!!!

- Tsukasa told Makino he went to the hospital that night...Makino got real nervous and asked him when did he come??? Tsukasa was surprised by her nervous reaction...and asked her what happened. Makino tried to deny it...but Tsukasa put two and two together, and asked her if something happened between her and Rui. He then asked her if they kissed or something. Makino tried her best to deny it...but Tsukasa got real angry and pushed her (with words, not action...sorry for the confusion)...and she finally admitted that Rui kissed her....

- Tsukasa was FURIOUS...understatement, went to Eitoku, and asked to speak with Rui in private. However, Rui refused, saying there's nothing that Akira and Soujiro couldn't know about...then Tsukasa asked Rui what he did to Makino at the hospital. Soujiro was shocked that Tsukasa found out...but anyway, Rui flat out admitted that he kissed Makino...and Tsukasa tried to hit him, but failed, and got hit by Rui instead. Tsukasa then asked Rui if he was serious about Makino...and Rui said yes, without a moment of hestitation. Tsukasa refused to believe that, and said Rui must be joking...that he must be joking. But Rui said no, he wasn't. That he wanted to say this, to express his feelings for Makino for a long time...for a year long. He told Tsukasa that if Tsukasa and Makino were doing good, then he wouldn't say this...however, it was no point to keep it a secret anymore. Rui also said that a year ago, he "let" Tsukasa be with Makino...that he gave up Makino...so Tsukasa could be with her. But he won't do it anymore.

- Tsukasa was in hell after hearing Rui's confession...and was beyond angry that he threw this BIG flower pot downstairs, and started to hit people...and finally, gave a heart-breaking howl...my goodness....

- Makino thanked Rui for helping her postponed her test...thus invited him to a family restaurant (something she could afford), it was then Rui confessed to her that he really liked her. That he liked everything about her, when she was angry, when she was happy, when she was sad, etc. He said at first, he found her to be annoying, to be a bit too loud. However, he became more and more taken in with her...that whenever she was not around, he became lonely...and felt weird...that he needed to be near her. Makino tried to laugh it off and said that Rui already had Shizuka san...so how could he like her...she was very uncomfortable.

- Tsukasa helped Makino's brother Susumu with his crush. Susumu fell in love with a girl at first sight during his high school test. Therefore, Tsukasa helped him, encouraged him, and planned how he should pursue this girl. Although I would love to see more of Tsukasa and Makino...this whole "help the-woman-I-love's brother" plot was very heart-warming...and actually served a VERY important purpose...because throughout this whole process, Tsukasa was touched by Susume's pure love for this girl...and his courage to pursue this girl. Hence, he once re-realized his feelings for Makino...how he could never love anyone like that, so strong, as he love Makino. So he somehow, made up his mind...that he won't run away anymore. Tsukasa even got Akira and Soujiro to help Susumu out...because they were afterall, more experts in pursuing girls than he was!

- Oh and OH and OHHHHH...the last part...so climatic...Susumu passed the exam, but failed to get the girl. It was REALLY sweet how Tsukasa went all the way to help this kid...his encouragements to Susumu...really touching! Susumu was also so thankful to Tsukasa...it was so sweet when Tsukasa hugged Susumu to comfort about his lost...saying what mattered was that Susumu tried his very best...he worked hard for this. Anyway, this whole thing, (dating plan) was a secret...they didn't let Makino know. Anyway, Makino was very worried about Susumu, because he was acting real strange...and when he didn't contact her after finding out the result of the test...she was a bit freaked out, so she went out searching for Susumu...and to her very surprise, found Tsukasa with Susumu. She got angry with Tsukasa...questioning what he was doing with her brother. She also asked him not to bother them anymore....and told him to move out of that apartment. Susumu tried to explain the whole situation, but Makino pulled him along...trying to walk away from Tsukasa asap. Anyway, Tsukasa stopped them, and finally FINALLY confessed his true feelings. I was like THANK GOD...it's about time! Basically, he said he learned something real important from Susumu...then he should be brave like him...to really confront his feelings. Therefore, Tsukasa said to Makino, "I still like you...I can't imagine any other women but you. I know you must think I am an @sshole for saying this...but yes, I still LOVE you." Makino was touched, but she refused to believe it after all that hurt he put her through...and not to mention that the marriage thing with Shigeru is still hanging over their head. Thus she said, "Don't joke...don't make fun." and walked away...

- Makino had been avoiding Rui lately...not knowing what to say to him now-a-days. Anyway, after that confession from Tsukasa...she wanted to phone Rui...maybe to tell him that things should stay the way it was...just friends. Anyway, she phoned, however, didn't have the courage to say anything. Rui was disappointed...so after a bit, suddenly, knocking on the door.

- Makino opened the door...It was NOT the meanie mother. It was....NISHIDA...Tsukasa's guardian angel LOL...the secretary. He was here to see Makino...


- I guess Nishida was here to see Makino to tell her what happened the past year in NY. Because in the preview, we saw Tsukasa seeing the mysterious guy jumping off...and he actually tried to go forward to save him, however, stopped by someone, and I assume that was Nishida.

- Tsukasa hugging Makino from behind...SWEET

- YEAH...our favorite Ne-chan sister Tsubaki is BACK!!! Thank goodness...!

- Tama-san (the old lady maid) appears!

- Makino in maid uniform!!! Tsukasa looking SO damn happy...almost jumping on his bed! So cute!!! LOL

- Valentine's Day theme next ep...my limited Japanese, can't catch too much...but one scene, Rui told Tsukasa, "I am going to get Makino's chocolate." Or something like "Makino will give me chocolate." NOTE: In Japan, Valentine's Day work in a total different way. ONLY GIRLS give guys chocolate...yeah ...and if a girl gives a guy choco, that means she likes him. Tsukasa is pissed off upon hearing that.

- A crying Makino holding onto a box of choco?!

- Sara, eyes filled with tears...looking at Soujiro's back. Aww...I am so feeling for this girl...she's so cute!

BUT all in all, next ep should be looking pretty sweet for our couple Tsukasa & Makino. *keeping fingers crossed* It's about time the mood is brightened up! Yes, I am all in for Makino & Tsukasa! No rui...sorry.

HYD2 Ep 4 Summary (post @ soompi)

Oh my...shoot...I didn't come to this thread until after watching Ep4, looking forward to Mel's summary (since I don't understand too much Japanese, because all of the actors speak at a fast pace)...to find that she has to go out and too busy to do a live summary. [ Mel, it's okay ] I just feel bad because I didn't make notes or anything....so I most likely have forgotten some parts...so excuse me.

Here goes for Ep 4 Summary...and sorry, I don't like masking my words. So if you don't want to be spoiled...DON'T READ the following post! And whenever I have this (?)...that means I am unsure. Not everything is in order.

The episode started where we left off last week...with Tsukasa running in lightning speed to the hospital. On the other hand, back at the hotel, Tsukasa's mother apologized to Shigeru's father for his behavior. Shigeru's father stood up and leave...saying there was no point for them to stay (no 'deal' to talk about) if Tsukasa wasn't there. The meanie mom looked real upset...

Back at the hospital, Tsukasa was frantically searching for Makino...running the stairs. Yes, running the stairs...(I guess the PD wanted to make it more dramatic)...anyway, his cell phone rang, and he saw it was from his meanie mother, so he turned his cell off...saying that he didn't give a d@mn anymore. He finally reached the floor where Makino was staying...yet shocked to find Rui walking in front of him...

Tsukasa was so taken aback that he didn't approach Rui...and quietly followed Rui...and saw Rui entered Makino's room. Rui, not knowing Tsukasa was following him, didn't fully shut the door, leaving a slit. From that slit, Tsukasa saw Makino lying on the hospital bed...while her parents thanking Rui for being always there for their daughter. Makino's parents said that Makino was so lucky to have someone like Rui by her side, etc. Rui said it was no problem...that he would take care of her. Of course, Tsukasa saw this...and he suddenly felt like an outsider. He was so upset...to see Makino's parents accepting Rui like that...putting Makino in Rui's care....Tsukasa slowly back away...and walked off...without ever making his presence known.

Rui told Makino's parents to go home first...because he could see they were exhausted. He said he could stay overnight and tend after Makino...since he didn't have any class the next day. So of course, knowing Makino's parents, they were more than glad to let Rui take care of Makino. Rui held on to Makino's hand while she slept...having a gentle smile on his face.

Tsukasa went home...where else could he go...despair from what he saw. It was sad how reality kept barging in whenever he wanted to go after Makino...to fight for his true love... His mother asked him where he went...if he knew what he was doing...that he had so many responsibilities. Once again, flashes of that mysterious man and his family went across Tsukasa's mind. Anger shot through Tsukasa, ordering his mother to shut up...that he didn't need any reminder. He quickly went back to his room...defeated...crumbled down the floor...he started to cry silent tears...frustration, sadness, hoplessness filled him...his hands crunched up into a tight fist...he tried to scream...silently...then he couldn't hold it in longer...and let out a howl, which broke the silence of the night. (OMG...Matsujun is absolutely amazing here. My heart broke for him.)

The next morning, we could see Rui asleep on the bedside...still holding onto Makino's hand. Makino slowly woke up...and surprised to find herself in the hospital...and moreso, that Rui was there by her side. Makino, unsure, asked Rui if he came right away last night. Rui told her yes, just because he was doing nothing at that time. Rui told her that he received a call about Makino being sent to the emergency...so when he rushed to the hospital, he and the ambulance arrived almost the same time, so he actually saw Makino being rushed in (?). Then Makino asked him if he stayed all night...holding her hand?! Makino was quite uncomfortable/shy about that...however, Rui didn't see it as anything out of the ordinary...instead, squeeze her hand tighter, and said yes, he did...and smiled that gentle smile again.

On Tsukasa's side, Shigeru walked into his room to find Tsukasa sleeping on the couch. She scolded him for sleeping there, that he might catch a cold. She told him to wake up...Tsukasa refused, saying he was still sleepy...then Shigeru asked him where did he go last night...did he meet with some woman? For a moment, Tsukasa looked like a kid caught with his hands in the cookie jar... then Shigeru started to tickle Tsukasa...so cute! But at the same moment, I don't like this "closeness" between them. Though no worries, Tsukasa didn't seem to like it either...he quickly flung Shigeru off...and called her monkey, etc. Shigeru, suddenly got serious, and said that she wasn't a monkey, she was his lover, and his fiancee. She asked him to go on a date with her...if he did, she would forgive him for walking out last night.

Back at the hospital, Makino thanked Rui for always being there for her...especially during her toughest times...whenever she needed help, Rui would appear, and saved her from trouble. She labeled Rui as the "just in time" guy...aka shining knight. This part I couldn't remember clearly...but maybe Makino asked her why Rui was always there for her (?)...and Rui answered, "Well, I think I like you..." And he kissed the shocked Makino.

After the kiss, Makino was extremely uneasy...and Rui teased her, asking her if she was shocked by it. Makino said, "Of course I am! We are friends! And friends don't kiss...don't do such things. We can't do that..." Rui smiled, "Friends, huh?!"

The next scene was at the school (Eitoku)...at the cafeteria, and F3 (Rui, Soujiro, Akira) were having lunch at their special reserved area. Rui told the other two about what happened to Makino, and how he stayed with her the whole night. Rui said, "We slept together...of course, side by side that is." Both Soujiro and Akira were shocked...asking Rui what was he doing...that if this was the right thing to do...that afterall, Makino was with Tsukasa. Rui looked at them...and said that Makino had no ties with Tsukasa anymore. So why should this matter? Soujiro tried to argue with Rui...but before he could do that, he heard squeals of girls from below...Tsukasa was here.

Tsukasa, being abnormaly energetic/high tension, rushed up the flights of stairs...saying how he was here to have lunch with them. (But it was very obvious what his main reason was.) He quickly sat down...and asked Rui what he was having...and Soujiro was like, "Duh..he's having curry. It's obvious it is curry...why do you even ask?" Then Tsukasa made up some lame excuse how that although it looked like curry, it could be something else, etc. He also made some stupid joke about changing some Japanese words to English "You Know"...what a genius he was for thinking of it, etc. (LMAO ) He just kept on nervously blabbling on and on...trying to put on this joyful front.

Soujiro and Akira looked on...misunderstood Tsukasa...thinking that he was so happy because he met Shigeru yesterday night...and that he was excited because he decided to get married, etc. Tsukasa denied it, and finally sat down once again, and asked Rui, "What did you do yesterday night? I mean...well...I tried to phone you on your cell...but..."

Rui was about to tell him, "Actually, I went to the hospital..." Then Tsukasa's phone ring...it was from Shigeru. Although Tsukasa was annoyed, Shigeru seemed to ask him to go somewhere...so quickly, Tsuaka complied, and went off before Rui could actually explained. Rui had this funny look on his face...(?)

Back at the hospital, Yuki was visiting Makino...Yuki could tell something happened from the look on Makino's face. She kept on asking Makino...at first, Makino brushed it off by saying how she was happy because Yuki visited her. However, Yuki just knew something was up...yet, she thought it had to do with Tsukasa. So finally, Makino told her that Rui had kissed her. Yuki was of course shocked, and asked why?! What was going on? Makino was unsure either...but quickly denied that anything was going on between them. Before this conversation could continue further, they both heard squeals from outside...and then, Akira and Soujiro came in...saying how healthy Makino looked...and how she got them worried, etc. (Yuki was happy to see Soujiro.) Makino asked if that only the two of them came...and then Rui appeared at the door...saying, "Nope, I am here too."

The next scene, we saw Shigeru rushing to catch up to Tsukasa, who was walking in extreme fast pace. Finally, she shouted his name...and it was only then, Tsukasa broke out of his dazed state, did he realize that he was actually with Shigeru. Shigeru was complaining to him how this wasn't like a date at all...she held on to his hands...and Tsukasa was very uncomfortable, but went along with it.

Hospital again...awkwardness filled the room as this weird tension was between Makino and Rui. Makino was refusing to look Rui in the eyes...Akira noticed, and quickly made up some excuse how he had something to do with Soujiro, so they had to leave. Makino was taken by surprise, "But you came specially to visit me...how come all of a sudden, you said you had plans?!" So cute! Akira pulled Soujiro along with him...and left. Then he came back, and told Yuki that Soujiro had something to say to her, so that she should come along. Of course, hearing Soujiro's name, Yuki forgot about everything else, and went along with Akira. Makino and Rui were once again alone in the room again...Rui chuckled to himself, "I guess they must have noticed...."

Outside, Yuki and Soujiro were walking...and it appeared that Yuki told him that Rui had kissed Makino. Soujiro, looked pissed/troubled, wondered why the heck would Rui do something like that...since Rui was fully aware of Tsukasa's feelings for Makino. Yuki argued that Tsukasa had decided to marry Shigeru...and if that was the case, then maybe, that Rui was better for Makino. Soujiro, a bit more angry then before, told Yuki not to think like that, not to jump to conclusion. That things were not the way they appeared. He told Yuki that Tsukasa still liked Makino...that the marriage deal was something Tsukasa couldn't control... That for Tsukasa, this whole thing was not easy to deal with...yet being who they were, somethings couldn't be helped.

For the first time, we saw Yuki got angry...and talked back to Soujiro. She said stop making excuses, that those words (ie. things for them, as F4, could not go according to their wishes) would NOT make up to the suffering Makino went through last year. The pain of waiting that Makino went through...nothing could justified that. Soujiro became even more solemn, suddenly looked sad, and stared intently at a shop's display window...staring at a tea bowl [with some vegetable (garlic??) like picture drawn on it]...then he began talking again, yet this time, it was like speaking of his own experience. Now this part, I really couldn't quite follow what he was saying...but somewhere along the lines of how love was not always smooth. That although both parties were in love...sometimes, things happened, and they couldn't be together. And although they didn't have that intention to begin with, they would hurt each other in the end. Yuki looked on...seeing Soujiro like that the first time.

Finally, Makino could go home...Rui took care of all the hospital fee, etc. Makino told him she would return the money as soon as she could...Rui quickly told her not to worry about it...and if that she truly didn't want a ride home. Makino said it was totally fine to go home by herself...and when Rui bid her farewell, he kissed her on her forehead...once again, leaving Makino in shock. She went home to find her apartment to be almost empty...all the furnitures gone. Tsutsumu (her brother) told her that their parents moved to some village (?) to work for their friends...and that he and Makino had to stay due to their school, and exams.

Meanwhile, Rui was at the airport waiting for Shizuka....Shizuka was kind of taken aback that the other F3s weren't there. They had dinner together...once again, couldn't make out their conversation much. But basically, Shizuka was shocked to hear that Tsukasa was getting married...and she commented what an adult Tsukasa had become. They both agreed that this decision had truly made Tsukasa an adult (?)...and then Rui asked Shizuka if his choice/decision was right. Shizuka then spoke in French that she thought his decision was great. (?)

Rui was sending Shizuka home...while in the car, they talked about Makino. Shizuka was amazed at all the things Makino went through...and was proud of Makino for being able to handle them. Shizuka said that Makino was not the average 3rd year high school girl. Rui asked Shizuka how she was doing over in France...and she said she was working hard. He also wondered when she would become a lawyer...and Shizuka laughed, and said it was only a matter of time. It was then Rui told her that Makino would like to become a lawyer too. That she had Shizuka as a role model. Rui was laughing to himself as he thought about Makino...and commented on how cute she was. Shizuka noticed Rui's change...especially where Makino was concerned. Shizuka said Rui had become an adult. Then somehow, (I can't quite recall) Rui became sentimental...questioning what if he did things differently during that time (when he was in France with Shizuka), would things end up differently. Shizuka smiled, and assured him that what happened then, what happened now, whatever happened, won't change the fact that Rui was the most important person to her.

Rui walked Shizuka to her door...and Shizuka wished Rui to be happy...that he shouldn't give up on Makino (?). Rui nodded, and bid her goodnight. He began to walk off...but he paused, and turned around, and called her name. She looked back...they looked at each other...and Rui smiled, truly smiled, "I just want to say...thank you Shizuka. Thank you for everything." Rui then walked off. Perfect timing...Utada's song played...maybe the lyrics were more fitting in Rui and Shizuka's relationship??? But yeah, it was a bittersweet scene...yet it was great to see Rui break free...to move on. Move forward...*sigh* though why must it be Makino?

Meanwhile, Yuki was at the tea ceremony class. She was dazed...staring into space? Or was she actually staring at Sara's tea bowl...EXACTLY the same one as the one Soujiro stared at in the display window. After the class ended, Yuki received a phone call from Makino...shocked to hear that her parents had moved out...and that Makino was in need of help to find a cheaper apartment (?). Yuki said she would go ask their boss at the Japanese sweets shop for help (?). Sara overheard their conversation, and offered to help. She said her uncle (?) had a vacant apartment...that Makino and her brother could live in for the time being...for free(?). Makino asked Sara if it was truly okay...and free (?). Sara said yes, it was...but she warned Makino that the place was really rundown...and indeed it was.

At the same time, Tsukasa found out about Makino's situation from Soujiro...and Soujiro questioned whether this was Tsukasa's meanie mom's doing. So Tsukasa quickly rushed to verify with his mom...whether she did that to Makino's father or not. His mom replied that she had no such free time to do such thing...and once again, she asked Tsukasa if he was still into Makino. Tsukasa denied it and walked out. The mom ordered that assistant to follow him.

Oh and OH...the CLIMAX of the episode...my oh my...the PD sure knew how to film this!!! Anyway, to cut the story short, Tsukasa found out where Makino moved to...he was totally worried about her. He didn't dare to go in to their new apartment, so he was waiting out the hallway. There was this blurry window on the door, thus his shadow could be seen from inside the house. Makino and her brother were really scared...wondering if it was a thief or something...so they took baseball bat and a fly swapper to attack this "stranger". They opened the door, and started to beat on the guy...and found out it was Tsukasa!!! LOL, of course, Makino was shocked to see him!

Tsukasa was scolding them both for doing that to him. Then he said in order to be a man, he had decided to live on his own. So he was living across the apartment from theirs. Makino was like, "So you are renting?" Tsukasa said there was no way he would do that...2 hours ago, he bought the whole apartment...so he was the owner now.

Then the brother said, "So you are like our landlord (o ya san [?] )?" Tsukasa was so angry upon hearing that, "WHAT O-ya-san?! I am Domyoji sama...at least remember MY name, brother!" The the brother asked Tsukasa if he remembered his (brother) name...and Tsukasa quickly laughed it off...saying brother is brother!

Well, Tsukasa found out Tsutsumu was having an exam the following morning...so he quickly offered his room to him...telling him to study over there...because it wasn't right for him to study in such small room with his sister present...etc. Basically, Tsukasa was trying to get the brother out of the way so he could be alone with Makino! So cute

Tsukasa was beginning to say something...but Makino stopped him before he could go further. She said he shouldn't say anything weird tonight...that she was already having so much in her mind...too much. She couldn't handle any more. Then Tsukasa started telling her about this "Ichijiku[?]" (I have no idea)...wondering if she ever made this "ichijiku". He said that if "ichijiku" was divided, it would become a heart shape. Therefore, this "ichijiku" represents the taste of love. Makino laughed and questioned if this was real. Tsukasa said he knew this from a friend in NY.

And here was the SWEETEST scene...Tsukasa said to him, the taste of love was the taste of the badly-made cookie Makino made for him. Before he could continue...Makino's cell phone rang. She saw the caller id indicated it was Rui...although Tsukasa didn't know that it was Rui...he told Makino not to answer it. But Makino kind of wavered...and intended to answer it...she pressed the answer button.

Quickly, Tsukasa tried to get the phone from her...and of course, during the battle over the phone, they both lost balance, and he fell on top of her. Oh and just right on timing, the door of the apartment flew opened, and walked in Shigeru! So you could imagine the scene she was greeted by....and it was no surprise she jumped to conclusion. Tsukasa said, "What are you doing Monkey?"

Rui heard that over the phone...and was shocked...disappointed/sad (?) that Tsukasa was with Makino...that he sat down, aghasted, on his bed. The smile on his face disappeared...

Shigeru said, "I am not a monkey..." and ran off...crying. Makino tried to run after her...but Tsukasa hold on to her hand...refused to let go, "Don't go...don't chase after her." The episode ended with them both staring at each other...eyes eloquent of the emotions bottling up inside!

Preview: Oh no...Tsukasa and Rui are FIGHTING big time...Tsukasa asking Rui if he was serious with Makino, and Rui replied, "Yes, I am serious!"

Ok...3000 words. I am done for tonight...please read it from the beginning again if it's possible...because I went over and add things here and there. So yeah...

HYD2 Ep 1 Summary (post @ soompi)

WOW...I am absolutely made speechless by the quality of the first ep.
It's so GOOD...I didn't want it to end.

SPOILERS...a little here and there...2 cents.

It just ended now...a little more than 2 hours. Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow...although every second of it was entertaining to watch...it was heart-wrenching at the same time...seeing how much hurt Makino is going through. Tsukasa didn't contact her in a year. And she was beginning to doubt everything. I am sure Tsukasa has his own reason for acting so cold, so cruel, and so mean...(he had a nightmare about this middle-age guy...who killed himself by jumping off a building...it seemed like Tsukasa was there to see it.)

Maybe because Tsukasa felt responsible of this man's death, he thought he won't be able to give Makino happiness, thus pushing her away. When he finally saw Makino in NY...he kept on saying he was busy, that he had no time for her. And Makino was of course shocked! Saying that she came all the way from Japan...and Tsukasa's response, "So what?!" OMG...I felt so bad for Makino!

Toma was a real baddie...very convincing! I like him in his student look...the whole storyline about Junpei was changed a bit. Ended up Tsubaki onesan saved Makino....

Matsushima Nanako was gorgeous in here!!! She appeared quite a lot in this ep. I was so relieved that Makino finally confessed to her...that she still likes Tsubasa....despite how much she wants to give him up. So sad!!! And perfect timing, we hear Hikaru Utada's song....really really captivating!!! HOWEVER, I think I like Planetarium better.

Rui is so HOT, so kind, so sweet...he's Makino's guardian angel. Junpei pointed out to Makino (in the end), that Rui might like her. Rui was so angry that Junpei tried to hurt Makino...saying he won't forgive anyone who hurts Makino. Junpei suggested Makino that she should be with Rui instead of Tsukasa. Rui would bring Makino happiness. Makino told Junpei that her happiness is none of his concern.

Ep 1 ended with Tsukasa returning to Japan, because his mother asked him to. It seemed like he didn't want to go back to Japan. It was his birthday, thus a big party to celebrate his birthday. Then she surprisingly announced that she has a surprise present for her beloved son. Tsukasa was beyond pissed...

The lights was flashing around...trying to find Tsukasa's fiancee...it kind of paused on Makino (which was such a mean move, since Makino and F3 thought that Makino would be the one), the shined on Shigeru. Makino...hurt...shocked written all on her face.

FANTASTIC Ep1...I enjoyed every single minute...however, I didn't like how they portrayed the Black people here. Totally stereotyping...and unfair! Oh well...

I seriously can't wait for Ep 2...but in the preview...more tears to come...poor Makino!!! Oh yes, one more thing, Makino wanted to be a lawyer...she realized she didn't have any goal in life...then she finally realized she wanted to be a lawyer...just like Shizuka.

Okay...please excuse my grammatical errors. Wrote it in a hurry...